Five CSGO Teams That Could Suffer Without Dust 2

by Steven Cropley

(Photo: mineski)

With the removal of Dust2, teams are now quickly making their way to servers to learn Inferno inside and out ahead of the upcoming CS:GO events as DreamHack Masters Las Vegas has already been confirmed as using Inferno in its map pool.

Having been played a total of 92 times at big events in 2016, losing it as a map will certainly improve or weaken certain teams map pools. With the seemingly ever-increasing parity in the scene, having the map advantage is an absolute necessity. Taking a deeper look, which teams will be hurt the most by the removal of the most popular map in Counter-Strike history is important moving forward in 2017.

Teams from the WWG CSGO Team Rankings who may suffer:

No.16 mousesports - played Dust2 8 times at big events throughout 2016, winning six and losing two. This team was known for its strong Dust2, a typical veto for most teams when taking on the German organization. Even through the teams struggles in the second half of the year, Dust2 still served as the best map for the team or so it was thought until they faced defeat against fnatic at the ELEAGUE Major.

No. 15 Fnatic * - A team that relies heavily on a loose style of play and much less on tactics, fnatic old and new used Dust2 as a map where it could benefit from the pug-style and aim duel plays the players are known for. fnatic went 8-3 with the old fnatic lineup but had only played the map four times since the addition of Simon "twist" Eliasson and once with Joakim "disco doplan" Gidetun, going 9-6 total throughout the year, losing a majority of its Dust2 matches after the roster changes. However, with rumors of the fnatic of old returning, the re-addition of Inferno to the pool will do well to counter any losses from Dust2 as the legendary team posted a record of 9-2 on the map.

No. 6 Ninjas in Pyjamas * - Although NiP certainly has a deep map pool, Dust2 was never a map it feared. Carrying a record of 8-4 out of big events in 2016, the Ninjas could count on Dust2 to lean more in their favor than their opponents if it ever got there. Although Dust2 was fifth in terms of times played for the Swedish side, the removal still takes away a solid choice.

No. 2 SK Gaming * - In a similar boat to the Ninjas, the Brazilian team boasted an x2 ratio on the map with ten wins and five losses. Half of the team's wins came in a five-game streak on the map after starting off the year at 5-5 in big events. Still, as the fifth most played map for the team, it was never one they depended on. The team will lose a strong map but should not impact its game as much as some of the others.

No. 13 G2 Esports - Although it seems silly to talk about now after the roster change announced earlier today, G2 was another team that relied heavily on individual skill. Due to its dependence on winning aim duels, G2 played Dust2 18 times at big events in 2016, ten times more than a dependent mousesports and the second most played map for the French team.

*Disclaimer: Although several of these teams were also solid performers on Inferno, this is a new version of the map, parity is at an all-time high in CSGO and the meta has changed since those days. It is a clean slate for most and therefore data must come in before conclusions are made.

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