WWG CS:GO Team Rankings Show - How Good is the new G2 Esports Team?

by Kevin Knocke

WWG's CS:GO crew of Kevin Hitt, Steven Cropley, and Kevin Knocke got a chance to take a look at some of the teams that have recently shuffled around their players, like No. 14 G2 Esports, No. 12 Team EnVyUs, No. 15 Fnatic, No. 10 OpTic Gaming, and No. 19 Team Liquid on the WWG CS:GO Team Rankings this week.

The French teams in particular were under scrutiny over the weekend at the IEM Katowice qualifiers. Now granted, G2 has obviously only had a relatively short time to work and practice together, but the results were still disappointing nonetheless. G2 defeated EnVyUs in the lower bracket to eliminate the latter, but ended up losing to No. 13 Heroic in the lower bracket finals giving Heroic the qualified spot to the IEM World Championships.

On paper, though, Hitt thinks that this iteration of G2 is a top 3 squad worldwide on paper, whether they live up to that or not depends on how well they gel over the coming months.

In chat, the question came up about No. 5 Ninjas in Pyjamas rising a rank despite being inactive lately. Hitt explained this is due to a few reasons: The WWG CS:GO Team Rankings calculates the team over a 90 day rolling average, so it is still taking past results into account. Furthermore, other teams have been dropping lately (like OpTic, EnVyUs, etc.) which has benefitted NiP.

On the OpTic and Team Liquid front, Cropley is a firm believer that Liquid came out on top in this trade. Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz has proven to be an effective in game leader and that OpTic doesn't really get an equivalent trade, no disrespect to Spencer "Hiko" Martin intended. Even with Peacemaker, this new OpTic squad will have to find a new identity.

Towards the end of the show, Knocke threw out a few teams for the experts to chew on and asked the question if over the course of the year the teams mentioned would play better or worse than their current rank.

All are in agreement that Na'vi is at least a No. 7 team like they're ranked right now, with Knocke and Hitt thinking they'll improve. Everyone in the group also thinks that No. 1 Astralis has a great chance to maintain their momentum and keep their spot at the top of the WWG CS:GO Team Rankings. Everyone also believes G2 will improve, but Hitt is very bullish on the team predicting they'll be a top 3 team before the year is out.