The Checkpoint - CS:GO DH Master's Preview, League of Legends Talk!

by Kevin Knocke

Kevin Knocke's house flooded and he wasn't able to make it to the studio, so WWG's own Matt Best jumped into the host's seat today on The Checkpoint, the daily esports show on that airs each weekday at 2:00 pm ET/11:00 am PT:

  • Steven Cropley joined the show to break down the groups at the CS:GO DreamHack Masters event in Las Vegas. This is the first big event after the ELEGUE Major, and there are 12 teams in attendance in the WWG CS:GO Team Rankings Top 25.

    In Group A, No. 1 Astralis once again finds themselves paired against No. 10 OpTic Gaming in a showdown that's happened many times over the past couple of months. Also, Astralis' fellow Danish team, No. 6 North, joins the group in a bid to prove they're still among the best teams in the world. Rounding out the group is compLexity who has been looking to reverse their fortunes in CS:GO lately, but this group should prove to be difficult.

    Group B features interesting storylines, including the teams No. 3, No. 11 Gambit Gaming, No. 15 Fnatic, and Misfits. Gambit had a very impressive run at the Major, and looks to be competitive against any team they come up against. Fnatic will make their big tournament debut of their new (old) roster including JW and Flusha.

    Group C features a new No. 2 SK Gaming lineup as Felps has joined the squad. No. 5 Ninjas in Pyjamas has been on break for quite some time after failing to qualify for the Major, but up until that point this was one of the most consistent rosters period in the game. No. 8 Cloud9 is looking for a win after a string of difficult tournament runs, and TyLoo with only two officially singed players would just like to take a round.

    Finally, Group D features a heavily resurgent No. 7 Natus Vincere that seems to be gelling as a team very well. No. 4 FaZe Clan are rumored to be making some changes, and this event will be their first opportunity to show off their new squad. No. 17 mousesports and Renegades, meanwhile, are in free fall and looking to salvage any wins in this group that on paper they are way outgunned in.
  • James Bates joined the show in the second half to talk about League of Legends. Recently, he published an in depth interview with TSM's Hauntzer, their top laner. Check out that interview here.

    It does seem like this TSM team, despite the success they've been having, does seem to have some issues that they're willing to be pretty public about. Bjergsen has had a very up and down year and their bot lane doesn't seem to be 100% on the same page yet. Fortunately for them, that's the case for most of the LCS so far.

    Also, FlyQuest keeps on rolling, and the former Cloud9 Challenger (+Moon!) team will be taking on the Cloud9 LCS squad this week, setting up a bigger match than was expected at the beginning of the year as the winner of that match will likely be top in the NA LCS up to this point.