No. 4 FaZe Receives NiKo in Transfer From No. 17 mousesports

by Steven Cropley

It has been revealed that Nikola "NiKo" Kovač will be the new fifth man for No. 4 FaZe Clan. The top four team in our WWG CSGO Team Rankings had a strong end of 2016 and a quarterfinal appearance at the ELEAGUE Major.

(Photo: Gfinity)

FaZe Clan revealed yesterday the organization would be announcing its new player around noon eastern time today and had been using Joakim “jkaem” Mybrostad in the interim.

FaZe was left needing one after Philip "aizy" Aistrup left the squad to join up with fellow Danish players on No. 6 North as Ruben "Rubino" Villarroel departed the starting roster of the now all-Danish roster.

NiKo has been a long-time member of No. 17 mousesports, joining the organization in March of 2015. Although the team has had several good appearances, a majority of its time has been with the feeling of underperformance.

Chris "chrisJ" de Jong who had been the full-time AWP player for mousesports, was recently benched following the ELEAGUE Major as the team brought in Tomas "oskar" Stastny who had been waiting in the wings since the decision for him to step down shortly after he joined the organization back in late August 2016.

While originally thought to be Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom who would join the European mix of FaZe, the Belgian star it appears will end up on No. 12 Team EnVyUs.

The two teams involved in the roster move will get their chance to battle it out in just a weeks time at DreamHack Las Vegas, however, NiKo will still be representing mousesports. The agreement between the organizations includes that NiKo will join FaZe officially after the event. The $450,000 event will take place from February 15-19 with the playoffs being held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.