Call of Duty: OpTic Without a Slow Start Looks Strong, eUnited Here to Prove

by Steven Cropley

With MLG Call of Duty World League Atlanta underway, there has already been some things worth talking about.

Atlanta OpTic
(Photo: OpTic Gaming)

OpTic Gaming, one of the most notable names in all of Call of Duty and esports in general, came out swinging. After a slow start at MLG Vegas, there were many question marks around the team's ability to compete with the level of pool play if it would need time to warm up as it did in Vegas. OpTic would break away from Allegiance around the 80 second mark for both teams before Allegiance would start to close the gap one last time but in the end, the Green Wall would pull drastically ahead to finish Hardpoint 250-155. Following it up with a search & destroy win, Allegiance's best game type, would all but seal the deal for OpTic as it would go on to dominate 8-2 in Uplink and sweep Allegiance 3-0. OpTic has gotten off to a much better start here in Atlanta.

Atlanta eUnited
(Photo: MLG)

Another story is that of eUnited. A team that had received negative attention lately, being dubbed by some as "online," well the team has shown it has come to play at the LAN aka offline. Defeating Orbit, one of Europe's top teams was a possibility but a complete sweep was a little more surprising. This team has come with a chip on its shoulder and will look to show the Call of Duty world these guys have what it takes to compete offline against the best.

This weekend is just checking off and WWG will be there the whole way for coverage of all the biggest storylines.