CS:GO Roster Update: chrisJ Returning to mousesports Following DreamHack Las Vegas

by Kevin Hitt

(Photo: ESL)

Chris "chrisJ" de Jong will be reinstated to the team roster of No. 17 mousesports after being benched and replaced by Tomas "oskar" Stastny last January.

After a dismal performance at the ELEAGUE Major, mousesports made the change to oskar in the hopes of revitalizing a roster that had seen some very lackluster performances from chrisj.

In January, chrisj had a K-D of +14, but at the ELEAGUE Major was a -5. He was instrumental in getting mousesports a spot at the DreamHack Masters Las Vegas Tournament with a fantastic +22 K-D and an ADR just a tick under 77 in the European Qualifier.

With Nikola "NiKo" Kovac’s impending transfer to FaZe Clan following the DreamHack Masters Las Vegas tournament, there would be an empty spot to fill and mousesports knew they already had one on hand.

The role for chrisj will be different than it was when he last played on the active roster.  Normally manning the AWP, chrisj will give way to oskar on the AWP and instead will focus on rifles.

Chrisj had been a mainstay of the German CS:GO squad, being the most tenured player on the team. His benching was surprising and many fans found it difficult to deal with.