MLG Atlanta: FaZe Enable - "We can definitely go undefeated"

by Steven Cropley

Hot off his teams 4-0 start, Ian "Enable" Wyatt of FaZe Clan talked with WWG at CWL Atlanta hosted by MLG. Enable talks about his team's performance, the team's toughest opponent thus far, North American dominance, and the growth of global Call of Duty.

"I think if we play to our full potential we can definitely go undefeated," the FaZe player said. "Through winners bracket, through winners finals and then win it like that, but you never know. We're going to play a lot of good teams," he added.

Having played Rise Nation, Enigma6, Infused, and Mindfreak we had to know which team was the most difficult from an in-game standpoint regardless of the outcome. "I would say out toughest matchup was definitely versus Infused, we barely won, it was 3-2," Enable said. "Look forward into the actual bracket Infused is going to be one of the tougher teams to play."

When asked how North America seems to keep itself on top with the game expanding in other regions, Enable said it comes down to competition. "There's quite a few good European teams that are you know, top level, top tier, but a lot of the time when they practice they're not playing against the other three good teams in Europe, they're really not getting quality practice," he said. "While in North America we have 12 teams that could all win an event if they're playing well and so we're able to get quality practice day in and day out."

FaZe will continue its undefeated run in the event in its next match against Team 3G.