MLG Atlanta: Riot Gaming's Selly - "You Have to Accept the Game for What It Is"

by Kevin Knocke

WWG was on the ground at the MLG Atlanta event for the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare CWL, and we got a chance to catch up with Selena "Selly" Martinez from Riot Gaming's Call of Duty squad. We got a chance to talk about the state of CoD gameplay, stability of team rosters, and how to get noticed as an up and coming player or team.

While Selly is generally in favor of "boots on the ground"-style gameplay in CoD, she's not opposed to the jetpack movement and enjoys playing it on LAN. In a perfect world for her, though, CoD would be all about boots on the ground movement for competitive titles.

"Infinite Warfare is actually not too bad. I think you have to accept the game for what it is and just play it the way it currently exists," she remarked, "And then the next game, just learn the new mechanisms and go from there."

In regards to rosters, Selly acknowledges that there's a lot of turnover in the scene, but it doesn't look like Riot Gaming will be switching up their roster anytime soon according to her. 

"But as far as my team, this is our second event together. We don't plan on changing. There's really no reason to, nobody underperformed completely so really we just work together as a team and work from there."

She went on, "I feel like if teams could stay together with one org that org can really build an identity from those players and that can help them either get known more between other players, and just help them get better because you're staying together longer."

This, Selly mentions, can actually help players and teams in general get discovered and well known.