Opinion: Single Game Esports Events Rock

by Kevin Knocke

Esports need to be broadcast like sports, and outside of the Olympics or similar international country based events (X-Games, Commmonwealth Games, etc.), there are no major multi-sport events.

Every major sport (soccer, tennis, baseball, hockey, etc.) are broadcast in major single-sport events with the focus being on that one game.

In the past, esports were exactly the opposite. While of course there are still many, many multi game events in esports, they used to simply be the norm.

But it's critical to understand that there are now many people that aren't necessarily fans of "esports" per se as a whole, but are fans of individual games.

Multi game events result in an experience that is not very focused on any one group. Just compare MLG events in the past to this weekend's Call of Duty: Infinite event at MLG Atlanta.

Previously, MLG events always felt pretty disconnected. While yes, StarCraft II fans, Call of Duty fans, and League of Legends fans are all technically linked by a common theme of watching pro players play video games, there's very little tying the fans together.

So MLGs in person reflected that, with some activities being geared towards fans of one game, while being sparsely attended by others.

But at this specific CWL stop in Atlanta, it's all CoD, and the event benefits greatly from that.

Looking over the crowd, it's packed, loud, and everyone shares a love of this game. Plus, every activity at the event is tailor made for CoD fans, from the console specific hardware brands in attendance to dedicated booths by the biggest CoD teams.

All of this results in a very high energy event that doesn't have to be 12 days longer and feature 135 games.

And honestly, this is the future of esports events and broadcasts. While many leagues have gone over to single game offerings at events, hopefully everyone will realize this is the better way to celebrate and reward a game's community.

Hopefully this also portends a future of shorter events, too.

Traditional sports doesn't use a model of weekend long events with 38,000 matches a day. Even sports like golf and tennis that do use international events, games are spread out over a long period of time and it ensures that athletes aren't playing consecutive matches back to back to back.

Esports is slowly but surely becoming more like traditional sports, and single game shorter events are a definite step in the right direction.

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