MLG Atlanta: Splyce Joshh - "Practice at home is really hard"

by Steven Cropley

After being eliminated from the event by Team Infused by a 3-0 score, WWG caught up with Splyce's Josh-Lee "Joshh" Shephard. Joshh talks the loss, his teams overall performance, the difference in regional play, and ESWC Paris.

When asked how the team comes away from this event given the results, Joshh explained while it's not great, the team has to look back on the games and keep moving forward. "We're obviously not satisfied at all because obviously, we want to win the event," he said. "Obviously there's positives to take, we can look back on the games and say we need to do this and this."

With the next event being in Europe at ESWC Paris, the Splyce player said there's not much of a difference. "The only difference is really you got the French crowd like the French crowd will support everyone like whoever whereas here everyone's going to support OpTic and maybe like your FaZes," he said. "It's going to be good, it's always good playing closer to home, it feels better, it doesn't affect in-game it just feels better."

On the idea that North American teams are generally better, Joshh echoed thoughts from North American players in terms of a more competitive region. "Practice at home is really hard because there's like I said, there's often only three teams that we can play and it just gets really annoying because if you're playing against the same people," said Joshh.

Splyce may be out here in Atlanta but the European squad will get another chance for a trophy in no time at ESWC Paris.