DreamHack Masters Las Vegas: Schedule, News, Updates, Interviews & Information

by Kevin Hitt

dreamhack las vegas
(Photo: DreamHack)

The DreamHack Masters Las Vegas Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament takes place from February 15-19 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the MGM Grand with 16 teams playing for the largest share of the $450,000 prize purse. Tournament information is below.

Where to watch:

Znipe TV (Multi-view)
Sliver TV (VR)


Group A

Place Team W-L
1st Astralis 2-0
2nd North 2-1
3rd OpTic Gaming 1-2
4th  compLexity Gaming 0-2

Group B

Place Team W-L
1st Gambit Esports 2-0
  2nd  Virtus.pro 2-1
 3rd Fnatic 1-2
 4th Misfits 0-2

Group C

Place Team W-L
1st SK Gaming 2-0
2nd Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-1
3rd  Cloud9 1-2
4th TyLoo 0-2

Group D

Place Team W-L
 1st mousesports 2-0
 2nd Natus Vincere 2-1
 3rd FaZe Clan 1-2
 4th Renegades 0-2

Match Schedule (Times PST):


Wednesday, February 15
10:00  Astralis (16) vs. compLexity (5) BO1
11:25 North (11) vs. OpTic (16) BO1
12:50 Virtus.pro (16) vs. Misfits (12) BO1
2:15 fnatic (8) vs. Gambit (16) BO1
3:40 SK (16) vs. TyLoo (5) BO1
5:30 NiP (14) vs. Cloud9 (16) BO1
6:30 FaZe (16) vs. Renegades (14) BO1
7:55 Natus Vincere (12) vs. mousesports (16) BO1
Thursday, February 16
10:00  North (16) vs. compLexity (11) BO1
11:25 Misfits (11) vs.  fnatic (16) BO1
12:50 TyLoo (5) vs. NiP (16) BO1
2:15 Natus Vincere (16) vs.  Renegades (6) BO1
3:40 Astralis (16) vs. OpTic (9) BO1
5:30 Virtus.pro (10) vs.  Gambit Gaming (16) BO1
6:30 SK (16) vs. Cloud9 (6) BO1
7:55 FaZe (10) vs. mousesports (16) BO1
Friday, February 17
10:00  North (2) vs.  OpTic (0) BO3
1:00 Virtus.pro (2) vs.  fnatic (0) BO3
4:00 NiP (2) vs. Cloud9 (1) BO3
7:00 FaZe (1) vs.  Natus Vincere (2) BO3
Saturday, February 18
10:00  North (2) vs.  Gambit Gaming (0) BO3
1:00 Virtus.pro (2) vs.  mousesports (0) BO3
4:00 NiP (0) vs.  Astralis (2) BO3
7:00 SK (2) vs.  Natus Vincere (0) BO3
Sunday, February 19
11:00 Virtus.pro (2) vs.  Astralis (1) BO3
2:00 SK vs.  North BO3
7:00 Virtus.pro vs.  BO3


Articles, News, Updates, Interviews and Notes:

New CS:GO Rosters to Debut at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas

"Five new CS:GO rosters will be making their debuts at the DreamHack Masters Las Vegas tournament at the MGM Grand Casino, all hoping to be..."

* DreamHack Masters: No. 1 Astralis Decimates compLexity Gaming in Opener

"The first matchup of DreamHack Masters Las Vegas could very well be the most one-sided of the openers..."

* DreamHack Masters: No. 10 OpTic Take Down No. 6 North on Inferno

"Match two of Group A pinned No. 6 North against No. 10 OpTic Gaming, two teams who recently saw..."

* DreamHack Masters: No. 3 Move Past Misfits in Group B Opener

"The first match of Group B was another mismatch to start as the unranked Misfits lineup was paired against..."

* DreamHack Masters: No. 11 Gambit Proves They Belong, Beats No. 14 Fantic.

"Gambit Gaming had no problem dispatching a reunited Fnatic team that saw their roster revamped after..."

* DreamHack Masters: No. 2 SK Gaming's felps Victorious in LAN Debut Against TyLoo

"With new rosters in tow, two teams came to DreamHack Masters Las Vegas with decidedly different expectations..."

* DreamHack Masters: No. 8 Cloud9 Rains All Over No. 5 Ninjas in Pyjamas

"In their first offline match since the ELEAGUE Major qualifier, No. 8 Cloud9 defeated a game No. 5 Ninjas in Pyjamas squad that is now..."

* DreamHack Masters: No. 4 FaZe Clan Rallies Late to Hold Off No. 22 Renegades

"FaZe Clan, who is playing with Joakim "jkaem" Myrbostad as a stand-in until the end of DreamHack Masters Las Vegas, gutted out a tough match against..."

* DreamHack Masters: No. 6 North Coasts Past compLexity Gaming.

"Kicking off day two was the losers match between No. 6 in the WWG CSGO Team Rankings North and the unranked squad of compLexity..."

* DreamHack Masters: No. 14 Fnatic Sends Misfits Home

"The second match of day two would see unranked Misfits take on No. 14 fnatic, the reformed super team..."

* DreamHack Masters: No. 5 Stays Alive, NiP Sends TyLoo Home

"Both teams fighting for their tournament life, No. 5 Ninjas in Pyjamas would take on the unranked Chinese squad of TyLoo in..."

* DreamHack Masters: No. 7 Na'Vi Show No. 22 Renegades the Door

"In what was an unexpected matchup, No. 7 Natus Vincere ended up against No. 22 Renegades in the losers match of Group D on day two..."

DreamHack Masters: No. 1 Astralis Focuses in Beating No. 9 OpTic Gaming

"The best team in North America was no match for the best team in the world as No. 1 Astralis let No. 9 OpTic Gaming know in the Group A Winners’ match..."

DreamHack Masters: No. 11 Gambit Gaming Upsets No. 3 Virtus.pro, Advances to Quarterfinals

"No. 11 Gambit Gaming upset the No. 3 Team in the world on Thursday, defeating Virtus.pro 16-10 on Cobblestone on the Group B Winners’ match at..."

* DreamHack Masters: No. 2 SK Gaming Clearly Dominant in Win over No. 8 Cloud9

"SK Gaming got another little piece of revenge against ESL Pro League Season 4 Champions Cloud9 by dismantling the North Americans..."

* DreamHack Masters: No. 6 North Holds Seed in Drubbing of No. 9 OpTic Gaming

"The first elimination match of the day was between No. 6 North and No. 10 OpTic Gaming in a best-of-three resulting in one team going..."