Call of Duty: OpTic Scump Releases Post-Atlanta VLOG

by Steven Cropley

Atlanta OpTic
(Photo: OpTic Gaming)

Call of Duty player for OpTic Gaming, Seth "Scump" Abner has released a post-MLG Atlanta VLOG.

The player's team made it undefeated through pool play before falling to the 2016 world champion, Team EnVyUs to send the green wall to the losers bracket. OpTic made a run through, taking down scene rival FaZe Clan in the process on its way to reaching the grand finals. eUnited stood to break the wall and did just that even after losing the first set 3-0 resulting in a reset to the bracket. The second series would go the distance with eUnited coming away with game five and the tournament win.

OpTic currently sits in second place in the standings for pro points, trailing eUnited by roughly 35,000 points thanks to the 100,000 first place bump.

Scump talks the event and his pride in the team for making the run that they did and competing all the way to the end. The legendary squad and clear crowd favorite had some question marks around it after a slow start at MLG Las Vegas ended with less than stellar results, however, its time in Atlanta has shown the green wall still stands to be a top tier team in not only North America but the world.

OpTic will is traveling to Paris this week to compete in the ESWC CWL Paris event where once again they will compete in pool play, one of only four North American teams. The $100,000 event takes place February 17-19 in the French capital and will feature up to 176 teams competing.