DreamHack Masters: No. 6 North Coasts Past compLexity

by Steven Cropley

DHM North
(Photo: North)

Kicking off day two was the losers match between No. 6 in the WWG CSGO Team Rankings North and the unranked squad of compLexity. North faced a 16-11 defeat against No. 10 OpTic Gaming on Inferno during day one while compLexity was decimated by the No. 1 team in the world, Astralis 16-5 on Nuke. Another Danish team on the same map set coL up for a rough day two.

Even with a suicide from René "cajunb" Borg,  Kristian ''k0nfig'' Wienecke would sneak up on Bradley "android-x23" Fodor to steal away the pistol round from compLexity. The Danish side would follow it up with three more before compLexity would grab its first. The momentum, however little gained, would be squashed in the next round as North moved to a 5-1 lead on the counter-terrorist side. After another three rounds went the way of North, compLexity elected to use its timeout in an attempt to salvage the remainder of the half. Coming out of the timeout coL would attempt a play down secret but it would not prove fruitful. A 1v3 in round twelve nearly went the way of Michael "Uber" Stapells but yet again North would secure the round, moving to an 11-1 lead before cleaning up the half 14-1.

The second half would start with a pistol victory for the beaten up compLexity squad, earning it its second round in the entire match. Managing to follow it up with two anti-eco round victories, compLexity would trail by ten rounds going into the first gun round of the second half. Although the UK and American mix team would keep it close, it would be unable to prevent the Danes from reaching match point. A fast hit on the upper bombsite in the following round would result in an early 2v2 that once again would North would capitalize on to win 16-4.