DreamHack Masters: No. 7 Na'Vi show No. 22 Renegades the Door

by Steven Cropley

(Photo: ELEAGUE)

In what was an unexpected matchup, No. 7 Natus Vincere ended up against No. 22 Renegades in the losers match of Group D on day two. Na'Vi had been defeated 16-8 by No. 18 mousesports in day one, a surprise to many as Na'Vi had looked so strong at the ELEAGUE Major just a few weeks ago while mouz had struggled for months and is losing its best player post-event. Renegades, other the otherhand, only barely ended up in this match as it fell narrowly to No. 4 FaZe Clan 16-14.

Na'Vi started on its front foot, taking the pistol against the Australian team, however, the following round would go the way of Renegades thanks to double kill from Justin 'jks' Savage. Renegades would take control for a bit, getting off to a 6-2 lead before it became the Natus Vincere show.

Na'Vi would win round after round, as so many duels the Renegades players elected to take would not favor them. A 14 round streak would see Na'vi go from a four round deficit all the way to a 16-6 win over the Australian side. Even in the twelfth round when it seemed Renegades would finally put a stop to Na'Vi's dominance, Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács pulled of the 1v3, destroying the morale of his opponents.

Although Simon 'atter' Atterstam had a decent showing in his day one match, he was 9-18 with 57 average damage per round in his second showing with the team.

Na'Vi will play the loser of the mousesports and FaZe match taking place later today at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas