DreamHack Masters: No. 6 North Move on, No. 10 OpTic Out

by Steven Cropley

20170217 104021

The first elimination match of the day was between No. 6 North and No. 10 OpTic Gaming in a best-of-three resulting in one team going home. These two teams met in their first match of the event where OpTic Gaming came away with a 16-11 win on the new iteration of Inferno. It was a questionable call by the Danish side to play that map and one the team will most likely not elect to play again in this series if it can be avoided. OpTic went on to lose to No. 1 Astralis in the winners match while North easily took down compLexity on Nuke.

The story of Nuke, the first map in the series would prove even worse for OpTic than for compLexity. North's map pick would leave little to say as North rolled to a 13-2 halftime lead from the counter-terrorist side before swapping over to pick up the second half pistol round on its way to a 16-2 dismantling of OpTic.

Map two, Cobblestone, would already be more competitive going into the seventh round at 3-3. North had picked up the pistol and following two anti-eco rounds, however, OpTic struck back with its first buy and followed it up with two of its own before both teams would be on a full buy again. The squads would exchange rounds two more times for a 5-5 game before two save rounds for the North American side would result in a 7-5 lead for the Danes. OpTic would find a sixth on its next buy, Tarik "tarik" Celik narrowly getting the defuse. Once again North would strike back, taking the round and breaking the economy of OpTic going into the final round of the half which would result in a 9-6 half for the Danish side. The pistol and following two would once again go to North and OpTic would claim the first gun round with an execute on the B bomb site. A force buy would see North get right back into the driver's seat in the next round at 12-7. North would take the next two before OpTic used its tactical timeout but it would be fruitless, as North pushed to match point before closing out the map 16-7 and series 2-0.