DreamHack Masters: No. 8 Cloud9 Eliminated by No. 5 NiP, Server Issues Draw Attention

by Steven Cropley

(Photo: Ninjas in Pyjamas)

The Group C and third elimination match of the day saw No. 5 Ninjas in Pyjamas battle it out in a best of three against the WWG CSGO Team Rankings No. 8 Cloud9.

Although Cloud9 came out on top in the teams' first battle in the group stage, it was not pretty from either side as both teams made a plethora of mistakes. Ending at 16-14, neither team should feel super confident coming in, however, the Ninjas will probably have faith in their ability not to lose a best-of-three against the North American side. The Swedish side bounced back from its loss to Cloud9 with a dominant win over TyLoo, although hardly a statement. Cloud9 suffered a 16-6 loss to the No. 2 team SK Gaming, a brutal result as Cloud9 lost every key round, decimating its economy which resulted in the boys in blue never getting a hold on the match. With the mistakes made in game one and the way both teams have played thus far, it was set up to be a battle of who can not beat themselves it seems.

Map one was a blowout as the North American side of Cloud9 went undefeated for 13 straight rounds, leading at 14-1 at the half as Cloud9 immediately followed up the Ninjas only round. Even after winning the second half pistol, the Swedish side would have no luck at Jake "stewie2k" Yip got three kills in the eco round to allow his team to reach round 15. The boys in blue would follow it up with round 16 and move to map two.

Moving to Train, things would look much more competitive at the start. After a 4-0 start for NiP, Cloud9 would strike back with six of its own to take the lead at 6-4. That would, however, be all she wrote for Cloud9 as the squad lost 11 rounds in a row on the way to a 16-6 defeat and earning NiP a shot at winning on a third map.

Once again a team would make a run to start the map as Cloud9 began with a 6-0 lead before NiP would win four rounds in a row, resulting in a tactical timeout from Cloud9. The following round would come down to a 2v2 and it would be the NiP duo to come out on top, allowing the Swedes to continue stringing rounds together. The ninjas would not give up another round until the last of the half, going on an eight round run to end the half up 8-7. A convincing pistol round win would see NiP put its foot back on the pedal going into the latter half of the game. The pistol round loss for Cloud9 would result in the American side saving the next two, both of which would go the way of NiP to give them an 11-7 lead. After Cloud9 all but won the next round, the server crashed resulting in a replay as per DreamHack's rules. The ensuing round went the way of NiP and resulted in a save round from Cloud9, allowing the Swedes a 13-7 lead before grabbing its fourteenth. With the potential momentum swing stolen from Cloud9, it would still manage to win the following pistol round to grab its eighth. Cloud9 would grab two more before NiP would manage to take the B bomb site nearly uncontested, keeping five alive and causing Cloud9 to save two AWPs and an M4. The nail was not quite driven through the coffin, however, as Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert and co. would grab several more rounds, reaching thirteen before falling 16-13 to the Ninjas.