Call of Duty: OpTic and FaZe Will Meet Again in Grand Finals

by Steven Cropley

The dust has settled in Paris and only two teams are left standing. The two most popular Call of Duty teams of all time, OpTic Gaming and FaZe Clan. These legendary organizations made their mark in the Call of Duty series many moons ago, being much different before turning into the powerhouses they are in today's scene.

Atlanta OpTic Stage
(Photo: MLG)

FaZe has been on the short end of the stick recently, however, as OpTic had defeated FaZe in Atlanta at the Call of Duty World League event hosted by MLG in the teams only meeting. In Paris not much changed as the two teams met in the championship bracket winners final where FaZe was swept 3-0 by the green wall.

Now after FaZe battled in the losers bracket, the two teams will meet again, this time in the grand final of ESWC Paris. Both teams have been dominant against their opponents, going undefeated in their respective groups, seldom giving up any maps at all. Only one can be crowned ESWC Paris champions though, and the record as of late points to OpTic.

(Photo: Turtle Beach)

Seth "Scump" Abner and the rest of the green wall were finalists last week in Atlanta, falling to the fiery hot eUnited squad after two best-of-fives, winning the first 3-0 to reset the bracket where the series would go to the fifth map where eUnited would walk away with it 6-4. The team is hungry for a trophy that it felt it deserved. A match between these two is exactly what you want in the grand finals so long as it is better than the recent one-sided battles seen between these two teams.

Who do you have? #FaZeUp or #GreenWall?