Call of Duty: OpTic Crush FaZe, Crimsix Gets 5th ESWC Title

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After the dust had settled in Paris and only two teams were left standing, only one would be crowned champion. The two most popular Call of Duty teams of all time, OpTic Gaming and FaZe Clan. These legendary organizations made their mark in the Call of Duty series many moons ago, being much different before turning into the powerhouses they are in today's scene.

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It was OpTic to take home the $40,000 first place prize and pro points, however, as the team continued it's absolutely dominant run through ESWC Paris, sweepings FaZe 3-0 in the grand final as it had done to every team in the championship bracket prior to that match. This is now three straight victories over its rival in FaZe Clan in just over a weeks time as OpTic had defeated FaZe in Atlanta at the Call of Duty World League event hosted by MLG in the teams only meeting before besting FaZe again in the championship bracket earlier to earn its spot in the grand final.

Seth "Scump" Abner and his team put up the green wall, shutting down FaZe time and time again. To be fair the matches were not even that close as OpTic took hardpoint 250-181 before crushing FaZe 6-2 on search and destroy, sealing the deal with a dominant 15-3 uplink performance. Has OpTic found the formula again or will another team take the trophy in Dallas and continue this highly competitive scene seeing new champions emerge.

One thing is for sure, OpTic will be somewhere near the finals.

Steven Cropley

Esports Staff Writer

Steven Cropley has followed and competed in the Counter-Strike franchise since 2003. Having worked for UBINITED prior to their move to Counter Logic Gaming, Steven brings a deep background in competitive first-person shooters with a focus on professional CS.


1 Astralis 6-4
2 6-4
3 1 Natus Vincere 5-5
4 1 SK Gaming 7-3
5 FaZe Clan 7-3
6 5 Fnatic 7-3
7 1 North 9-1
8 OpTic Gaming 2-8
9 Ninjas in Pyjamas 3-7
10 1 Gambit Gaming 6-4