DreamHack Masters: No. 3 Virtus.pro Plow No. 17 mousesports Out of Tournament

by Steven Cropley

The Polish squad has once again made the playoffs, although this time the path was not as clear cut. Virtus.pro was played tightly by unranked Misfits to start off the group stage before falling to Gambit. The team had to take on fnatic in a best-of-three to earn its way out, which it did with relative ease. The Poles will need to bring a better performance into the playoffs but should be able to manage mousesports. mousesports surprised most by making it out of groups or getting a win at all really. The team is losing star player Nikola "NiKo" Kovač to FaZe after the event and this roster is going out with a bang. A straight shot out of the group will be one to remember but an early hot streak often gets cold and Virtus.pro is not a team you can have anything less with. Virtus.pro showed mousesports the exit it was due.

DHM Virtuspro
(Photo: Virtus.pro)

The Polish side was contested from the get go on train as mousesports got off to a 5-0 start on Virtus.pro's map pick. The Poles would grab the reigns from there, only giving up two of the remaining ten rounds on its way to an 8-7 halftime lead on the counter-terrorist side. Upon the switch, things would get grim for mousesports. The German organization would only manage one round on it's way to a 16-8 defeat to start the series.

Mirage would be the second map and mousesports pick. It would be NiKo's team to get off to a halftime lead this go around, leading the Poles 9-6 switching to the offensive side. Virtus.pro's defense would prove to be stronger as it managed one more round than its opponent after the switched, taking ten rounds to mousesports' five to take the game 16-14 and win the series 2-0.

Virtus.pro will take on No. 1 Astralis tomorrow in the semifinals.