Call of Duty: Cloud9's ACHES Says No Roster Changes

by Steven Cropley

Things have not been looking too great for Cloud9's Call of Duty division since MLG's CWL event in Las Vegas. Many thought the boys in blue were on the upswing and a contender for months to come but an early finish at MLG Atlanta brought in doubt and a short week later the team was again disappointed at ESWC in Paris.

Finishing 17th-20th with only one win out of five will make people question your ability, show up the next weekend and lose four straight to receive yet another 17th-20th and you are asking for a fan beat down.

MLG Cloud9 Aches
(Photo: MLG)

With rumors flying about that a roster change in imminent after such disasterous results, Patrick "Aches" Price stepped in to say not happening.


Aches cites a lack of time for turnaround between events for the back-to-back disappointments. With almost no time whatsoever to get attitudes in check and work on mistakes made, Cloud9 was heading down a dark path. With a break before the next event in Dallas, Cloud9 will get the break it claims to need. Should the squad show up and present similar results, the excuses may have run too thin.

MLG Dallas will take place in March and feature a $100,000 prize pool.