WWG CS:GO Team Rankings Show - Who Will be the Best Team in the World?

by Kevin Knocke

Kevin Knocke and Steven Cropley team up for this week's WWG CS:GO Team Rankings Show! With DreamHack Masters Las Vegas just finishing up, most of the top teams in the world came together at the MGM Grand to face off with $450,000 on the line.

No. 3 Virtus.pro took out No. 2 SK Gaming in a battle of titans in the finals. After SK went up 16-8 on Cobblestone, VP came back on Train and Mirage with 16-11 and 16-13 wins, respectively.

Knocke feels that SK will be the best team in the world eventually, agreeing with chat comments from The_Dycer. He argues that the upside of SK is still untapped, as Felps has not been fully integrated into the team and FalleN, from a pure stats/player perspective and not as an in game leader, did not live up to expectations.

Cropley believes that VP, though, has been consistently powerful and with their experience will always be consistent and competitive. Whether or not they have the drive each event to win is another matter, but it's impossible to ever count them out of a match no matter who the team may be and how well that team is performing.

Regarding No. 7 FaZe Clan in the WWG CS:GO Team Rankings, Cropley doesn't think the dropoff using Jkaem should have been as steep as it was with FaZe making an early exit in the group stages. However, it would have been almost impossible to predict the resurgent No. 15 mousesports with NiKo giving both his old and new team a show in the group stages.

Both agree, though, that it looks like CS:GO is going into a very competitive time where 7-8 teams will be a clear tier above the rest of the competition. And unfortunately for NA CS:GO fans, it doesn't look like any NA teams make that cut.