Opinion: VP's Win Shows the Power of Stability

by Kevin Knocke

No. 3 Virtus.pro in the WWG CS:GO Team Rankings just took down No. 2 SK Gaming in the finals of DreamHack Masters Las Vegas. And with that, VP proves their long term contract is already successful.

If unaware of VP's contract situation, catch the basics here. Four year contracts are not usually seen in esports, and it's unprecedented for a long term contract of this magnitude.

CS:GO, though, has been a game where more and more it's becoming clear that veteran leadership and experience is critical to success in the game.

Recently, there's been a spat of teams that have traded players, but the common thread among them all is clearly the consolidation of players into about 10-12 teams capable of competing at events, and 5-6 dominant teams that will likely run CS over the next few events.

With VP's offer, though, it showed that not only did VP as an organization value the experience that the Polish squad has amassed over the years, they valued it above bringing on new guns to complement the roster.

Compare this to most other squads that have swapped out players in the past few months, and you'll see that VP has been one of the few stalwarts.

Gradually towards the end of 2016 after their ELEAGUE Season 1 win, VP started self selecting fewer events and even turned down a few invites. This along with some inconsistent results at times have brought this strategy into question, but clearly now, after back to back finals appearances (and let's be honest, the ELEAGUE Major should have been a VP win and they threw it away) and a big tournament win, there's no question that VP's bet is paying off for them in spades.

Expect the next few months to be defined by consistent rosters. In fact, it would be shocking to see a major tournament win outside of SK, Na'Vi, VP, Astralis, FaZe Clan, or North.

Maybe the new G2 or Gambit could compete too, but expect the consistent powerhouses to win most everything the next few months.

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