DreamHack Masters: No. 1 Astralis Goes Dark Against No. 3 Virtus.pro

by Kevin Hitt

(Photo: DreamHack)

In the first semifinal of the DreamHack Masters tournament, Astralis, the consensus No. 1 team in the world, was hoping to reach their fourth tournament finals. This team came into the Garden Arena at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada knowing they were facing a Virtus.pro team that was looking for revenge for their loss to Astralis at the ELEAGUE Major:

Revenge was the dish served cold this night. Virtus.pro let Astralis know that they could beat them and did so in excruciating fashion, handing the Danes a 2-1 (16-3 Nuke, 9-16 Overpass, 16-4 Train) loss, eliminating them from the tournament.

The map pick-ban was exciting as it ended up being the exact same three maps these two juggernauts played at the ELEAGUE Finals which were Nuke, Overpass, and Train.

Virtus.pro started on their map choice, Nuke, and quickly found themselves in control. Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski  went aggro and sent three Astralis players who were trying to take over the A bomb site to their dooms. VP's first buy round resembled a half buy and Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas picked up the triple with his UMP on the A bomb site.

TaZ was unreal getting in two clutch rounds that would see Virtus.pro go up 10-1. Virtus.pro would never look back taking Nuke 16-3.

Overpass was a different story as Astralis made a run. Although, VP won the pistol round, Astralis went into a force by round afterwards which would see them win five rounds in succession. VP would come back as pashaBiceps and Filip "NEO" Kubski picked up their game and stalled the Astralis run.

Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander's and Astralis took the lead at the half by a score of 10-5 and would end up finishing the game 16-9.

Virtus.pro's started on the CT side, winning the pistol round and the next two. Astralis and device opened up the first buy round with the AWP, getting a pick on on Snax. A feint on the B bomb site did not trick VP at all as byali and NEO shut down the A bomb site push.

The first half was really all you needed to know about the outcome of the match ending in a 12-3 score for Virtus.pro. Astralis could only manage one round in the second half and lost 16-4.

Virtus.pro will play the winner of SK vs. North.