DreamHack Masters: No. 3 Virtus.pro Defeat No. 2 SK Gaming in Grand Finals

by Steven Cropley

Your DreamHack Masters Las Vegas champion is No. 3 in the WWG CSGO Team Rankings, Virtus.pro.

(Photo: Virtus.pro)

The first map was not anywhere close to expected. Cobblestone was Virtus.pro's pick and a map few teams are better on, however, the Polish side had been played closely on the map by Misfits early in the event, a team of much lower caliber than SK Gaming. Virtus.pro would continue its recent struggles on the counter-terrorist side of maps, having its scored doubled by the offensive side 10-5 going into the half. SK Gaming would be running too hot the plow was out of commission as the Brazilian side once again ended with doubled its opponents score in the second half, 6-3 to send the map 16-8.

Map two, Train, is a map both teams are known for having dominant runs on. SK was the king of train for a time that the team went 17-0 while Virtus.pro have been strong in recent showings. SK would once again fall on the pistol before bouncing back to take the following, allowing SK to get an early lead of 5-2. A big three kill round from Filip "NEO" Kubski would spark Virtus.pro's run that resulted in a halftime lead of 9-6 for the Poles. Things would get close in the second half until a wonderfully played post-plant situation from Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski thanks to a molotov would see the Polish side gain full control. Giving up just two rounds in the second half on its way to a 16-11 victory, forcing map three.

Mirage would kick off with a 6-1 lead for Virtus.pro before Marcelo "coldzera" David began making his impact, leading his team on the path to a tied game at 6-6 on the terrorist side. SK would continue its run, making it to seven in a row, giving up the final round of the half to hold the advantage at 8-7. A dominant pistol round from SK would see the Brazilians begin to further their lead. SK would reach eleven rounds before Virtus.pro would pull off the 5v3 in round nineteen for its eighth. It would not turn into more, however, as SK immediately struck back to bring itself within four rounds of being crowned champions. A force buy in the following round would see Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo left in a 1v3 he would not win, putting SK onto pistols only. That was the break Virtus.pro needed to bring itself back in the game, tying up at 12-12. SK would come away with the thirteenth first, but Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas would clutch the 1v2 in the following round to tie things up for a second time. SK would force into the next round but end up having three of its players saving to fight another day in round twenty-eight. It would prove for naught as Virtus.pro reached map point and then championship point, defeating SK 2-1.