Call of Duty: OpTic Currently Hold Best Team Status over Rival FaZe Clan

by Steven Cropley

Although neither team is first in pro points it is hard to argue that OpTic Gaming and FaZe Clan are not the teams to beat in Call of Duty's current climate. Who gets the edge for the best team in the world currently, though? It's pretty clear cut if you look at the numbers.

Atlanta OpTic
(Photo: Turtle Beach)

OpTic is coming off of a first-place finish at ESWC Paris following a finals appearance the week prior in Atlanta at the Major League Gaming event for Call of Duty World League. FaZe Clan, on the other hand, finished runner-up to OpTic in Paris while placing 5-6th in Atlanta.

Since the start of 2017, FaZe has placed first through fourth in every MLG GameBattles 2K. Tallying it up, FaZe has one first place to open up the year followed up three second-place finishes and one third to fourth place finish.  ESWC FaZe
                  (Photo: Turtle Beach)

OpTic's 2017 has not been as consistent. Starting off with a fifth to eighth place finish, the team would place third to fourth and then fifth to eighth again. Finally in the last GameBattles 2K of January, OpTic would grab second place, following it up with a first-place finish before heading to Atlanta where it placed second.

While FaZe finished 2016 and started 2017 on a higher note than its rival, February was all OpTic. The team was performed better in offline appearances, taking down FaZe on three different occasions in the process. The most recent event saw two of those matches take place, the second being in the grand finals but both being swift 3-0's in favor of the green wall.

FaZe is a star-studded roster but it appears OpTic has the formula for success against its rival and currently gets to wave the banner of the best team in the world for the time being.