EU ESL Pro League 2/21: Battle to the Middle

by Steven Cropley

The European division of the ESL Pro League is set to get back to the action after some time off due to DreamHack Masters Las Vegas. Only four teams will play today and they could potentially be two swift 2-0's. With the highest ranked team in the WWG CSGO Team Rankings competing only holding No. 13, it is a battle of those trying to fight their way to the top 15.

No. 20 HellRaisers vs. No. 13 Team EnVyUs

EnVyUs has gone 6-6 since the French shuffle, not terrible given the team was assumed to just be the scraps from the G2 super team. Its most recent series being a 2-0 over its French brothers. Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom has been on fire, wreaking havoc on the team he was left out of in his latest match. If EnVyUs brings the same fury to its matches against HellRaisers, things could get ugly. HellRaisers, on the other hand, has loss eight of its last ten games. It's only wins coming in a 2-1 victory of unranked Tricked. HellRaisers has had some strong performances, however, having taken down No. 8 and 9 Ninjas in Pyjamas and Cloud9 at the end of 2016. Can we see HellRaisers upset EnVyUs or will the Frenchmen keep that chip on their shoulders.

(Photo: ELEAGUE)

Pick: EnVyUs > HellRaisers

No. 23 LDLC vs. No. 16 Heroic

Heroic is 6-4 in its last ten games, taking down some ranked opponents in NiP, No. 14 G2, and No. 15 mousesports. The team has looked to have found new life as of late, seeing a steady improvement in its play. LDLC is also 6-4 in its last ten, however, its wins come against much less noteworthy teams. Taking down HellRaisers, fnatic academy, and PENTA, the team it took down to earn its spot in the Pro League. LDLC will be looking to prove its worth at the highest level and a middle of the pack Heroic will be a good challenge for the squad to do so.

Pick: Heroic > LDLC

(Photo: Heroic)