The Checkpoint - Overwatch Carbon Series Results and Game Update!

by Kevin Knocke

Today on The Checkpoint the daily esports show on that airs each weekday at 2:00 pm ET/11:00 am PT:

  • In the North American side of the ESL Pro League CS:GO tournament, No. 9 Cloud9 in the WWG CS:GO Team Rankings took out unranked Winterfox, and No. 10 OpTic Gaming went 1-1 against No. 11 Immortals with both maps being very lopsided.

    On the EU side, due to technical difficulties and teams still travelling to and from DreamHack and IEM, only one map was played, with No. 12 Fnatic defeating No. 14 G2 Esports 16-14 on Cobblestone.
  • At IEM Katowice's League of Legends event, ROX Tigers won Group A with H2k-Gaming and Hong Kong Esports getting ready for an elimination best of three on Saturday. In Group B, Flash Wolves won the group with an all EU LCS Unicorns of Love vs G2 Esports matchup to decide who else advances on Saturday.
  • In the Hearthstone ESL Trinity Series tournament, scored a comeback win against Luminosity 6-4, while Cloud9 had a clean sweep of Alliance 6-0. Four teams are now tied at 3-2 with two of those teams, compLexity and G2 Esports, battling today.
  • Teams are very close in parity in the opening week of the Overwatch Carbon Series with many of the 3-0 sets the first week actually being much closer than they appear on paper. Immortals defeated a compLexity team that's been undergoing a lot of roster changes 3-0, while Renegades surprised again with a 3-1 win over a very strong Luminosity team.

    On day 2, Hammers defeated a struggling Team Liquid team 3-1, while Luminosity rebounded from their day 1 loss with a very close 3-2 victory over Immortals.

    Renegades closed out a perfect opening week by taking out Team Liquid 3-0 on day 3, while Hammers defeated compLexity 3-0 as well.
  • ELEAGUE has announced that they are going to be running Street Fighter V for the next season of the program. They've announced that CS:GO will still be a staple of ELEAGUE programming after this dip into the fighting game community.

Later in the show, Robert "hexagrams" Kirkbride and Andrew "ZP" Rush join the show to talk about the new Overwatch Carbon Series, results from the first week, and speculation on the future of the game.