The Greatest Moment in Katowice History

by James Bates

Kassadin 0
(Photo: Riot Games)

It was the laser sword slash heard round the world. For many, it's the greatest moment in the history of League of Legends, and it's a moment that's come to define the excitement and anticipation that's part and parcel of League of Legends Esports. The moment in question is, of course, xPeke's famous backdoor against SK Gaming in the finals of IEM Katowice back in Season 2. If you haven't ever seen a replay of the moment, or if you want to relive the excitement, then here it is, in all of its glory:

It became the defining moment in one of the biggest rivalries of early Western League of Legends, that between Ocelote and xPeke. Their battle continues to this day by proxy, as Ocelote owns G2 Esports while xPeke owns Origen, two teams that have been in hot competition with each other on the EU LCS stage ever since their inception. 

Players aren't alone in wanting to relive the nostalgia of this moment, however, as Fnatic themselves posted a very special video to their Facebook page today, one that shows the immortal play above from the perspective of the Fnatic staff who were watching from behind the players. The hype at the end of the video makes it well worth the watch, as xPeke and friends practically fly out of their seats once it's become clear that they managed to win the game against all odds.

For older players, this replay is also like a time machine back to the past, back when Kassadin was perennially overpowered and Elise wasn't yet eternally confined to the jungle. This was also before the rise of the teleport metagame, which changed the game so fundamentally that games played before it's rise are hardly even comparable to those played now. If you've ever wished that you could watch a more high-octane version of League of Legends, check out VODs from Season 2's IEM Katowice as well as other tournament played from around that time. You'll see a lot more solo kill first bloods in one series than you likely see in an entire season of LCS play these days. If you have the tolerance to push "next page" for a while, check out some of the archives over at LolEventVods, it'll be well worth the couple hours you spend on it.

By James Bates

A wanna-be novelist turned coach turned journalist, James is living proof that you never know where you'll end up. He's in love with narrative-heavy games, which he proves by spending his days writing about a game with less lore than Doom. His greatest regret in life is not having his name in the credits of Life is Strange, and it's galvanized him to truly pursue developing games that don't begin in packed taverns and use D20s.