WWG CS:GO Team Rankings Show - IEM Katowice Group Preview

by Kevin Knocke

Steven Cropley and Kevin Knocke are back for new and improved WWG CS:GO Team Rankings! The rankings have been changed starting this week as the algorithm now takes a longer history of games into account along with less emphasis on online matches due to their generally lower competitiveness.

No. 1 Astralis on the WWG CS:GO Team Rankings reigns supreme yet again, but No. 2 Virtus.pro is nipping at their heels with only a small gap in the numerical rankings separating them.

An interesting case, though, is No. 4 Natus Vincere. This team has had noted difficulties in living up to the promise of their roster on paper and took another setback after s1mple tweeted out today that he was experiencing health issues.

While s1mple deals with his heart issues, this could mean further setbacks to Na'Vi in the near future.

No. 6 OpTic Gaming is an interesting case, as the team still looks able to compete with Hiko joining the squad and Stanislaw departing, but whether they can solidify a long term spot in the top 10 is another matter altogether. With North America seemingly stagnating again as the top European squads dominate, there's still some tolerance for changing things up while being competitive in the region.

No. 8 FaZe Clan is another team that, on paper, should be competing with the very best in the world. Assuming NiKo plays like even a shadow of his mousesports' self then FaZe has a legitimate chance to hit top 5 or higher.

A little further down the list, No. 11 Fnatic looks like they used to in roster and even general playstyle, but it seems like a lot of the field has left them behind. With new strategies carrying the day, Cropley thinks their brute force "I'm-mechanically-better-than-you" style might not work any more.

For NA teams though, things look a bit bleak temporarily. Knocke suspects that 2017 could see another NA contender in the region from one of these teams like Misfits that just got a huge amount of resources at their disposal. This team likely wouldn't be an international competitor yet, but could perform well locally.