OpTic and NiP Will Be Unable to Hold onto Rankings Much Longer

by Steven Cropley

OpTic has held on to its spot in the top five of the WWG Composite Team Rankings. Will it be able to maintain? To put it simply, no.

After a 0-4 performance at IEM Katowice following its group stage exit at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas, rankings for the six sources used to create the WWG Composite Team Rankings will certainly be adjusted.

(Photo: IEM)

OpTic has been far less intimidating since Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz left to join North American rival Team Liquid which sits at No. 16 in the composite rankings. The addition of Spencer "Hiko" Martin to the starting lineup along with Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu as head coach of the squad has not quite filled the void left by the former in-game leader.

The composite rankings have allowed OpTic to hold on due to the different update rate of the various outlets that conduct the rankings. Thorin for instance, has not released new rankings since February 9, shortly before OpTic had its first fall from grace at DreamHack Masters. While many of the others have since been updated, including the WWG CSGO Team Rankings, one event was not enough to knock off all the team earned to close out 2016 with its back-to-back finals appearances and the tournament victory at ELEAGUE Season two.

With back-to-back group stage exits, however, OpTic will begin its move downward at a much faster rate.

(Photo: IEM)

OpTic will be joined in its fall by Ninjas in Pyjamas as the Swedish squad is tied with the green wall at a composite rating of .9285. The Ninjas also suffered through poor results to kick off its new year, after not qualifying for the ELEAGUE Major, the legendary organization struggled in Vegas before being eliminated alongside OpTic in Katowice, Poland. The Swedish side has seen the top of the WWG CSGO Team Rankings, reaching No. 1 status in November of 2016 before its spiral downward. The team held No. 1 for two weeks in November and now sit at No. 7 in the WWG CSGO Team Rankings and No. 6 in the composite rankings.

2017 has looked dark for both teams, however, we have seen the current No. 1 team in the world, Astralis come back from the ashes and rise to be a star once more. Can the ninjas or green wall find a similar path? Hard to say.