Call of Duty: eRa Eternity Announces Competitive Squad

by Steven Cropley

Yet another YouTube Call of Duty brand has elected to jump into esports as eRa Eternity has revealed its competitive lineup.

The organization's new Call of Duty squad will compete in Infinite Warfare and debut in Dallas for the Call of Duty World League event hosted by Major League Gaming. The $200,000 event will follow a similar format as recent MLG events with pool play as well as an open bracket, resulting in up to 176 teams competing from all around the world.

(Photo: GoalieeTV)

The teams lack of pro points ahead of the March 6 deadline will result in an open bracket appearance.

The following statement was given in the official announcement to the teams website.

“eRa is proud to announce our venture into the Call of Duty scene with the acquisition of this promising amateur team we believe can easily work up the ranks and compete with some of the top talent in the world of Call of Duty!

In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, members of this team placed 12th at UMG Washington DC 2015 winning 5,500 COD Pro Points and a prize of $1,000. Our team contains raw skill and the work effort ready to achieve their goal of attending the MLG Dallas event and all other future events! We welcome them to the Eternity with open arms.”

eRa Eternity Call of Duty roster:

  • Caton “Riviction” Dell
  • Jorge “Nuglect” Aguilar
  • Zack “Godlike” Goldstein
  • Lyric “Lyric” Quinonez

The latter two in the roster recently found themselves without a squad after The Gosu Crew released its main lineup following disappointing results.