The Checkpoint - Overwatch Underdogs Accidentally Break Their Booth, IEM Sydney Announced

by Kevin Knocke

Today on The Checkpoint, the daily esports show on that airs each weekday at 2:00 pm ET/11:00 am PT:

  • League of Legends LCK action picked up for Week 7 as SK Telecom T1, fresh off their two wins in the Telecom Wars against KT Rolster, took out Jin Air Green Wings 2-0 to give them a dominating 10-1 record in the league. MVP also continued their upward trend with a 2-0 win over the backwards sliding bbq OLIVERS.
  • In the Overwatch Carbon Series, Luminosity Gaming debuted their new Luminosity Gaming Evil lineup, the former Hammers team that had been dominating the OCS so far. LG Evil easily defeated Immortals 3-0. Luminosity Gaming Loyal, the old LG squad, unfortunately suffered a loss to the previously winless Team Liquid which ties them for the bottom spot in the league.

    At the moment, LG teams occupy both the top and bottom spots in the OCS.
  • Over in Korea in the Overwatch OGN Apex Season 2 Lunatic-Hai defeated Team EnVyUs 3-0, the lone non-Korean team left in the event. Surprises of the tournament RunAway appropriately enough ran away against Kongdoo Uncia 3-1.

    In the winner's match in the group, RunAway shocked everyone with a 3-2 win over heavily favored Lunatic-Hai to secure themselves a place in the semifinals. Unfortunately for them, they accidentally destroyed the light in their booth while celebrating the win. Kongdoo Uncia also eliminated Team EnVyUs, the defending champions, 3-2 in the loser's match.
  • Ad Finem's Dota 2 squad announced that they were parting ways with the organization. The team finished as runner's up in the Boston Major but have not qualified for a large event since, despite receiving an invite to the next Major.
  • IEM Sydney was just announced as an 8 team $260,000 CS:GO event that will happen in early May. Local squad Renegades who's team hails from Australia despite playing for a Detroit based organization now is excited for the home field advantage. SK Gaming was the other team announced that will be getting an invite to the event. More invites will be announced soon.

Steven Cropley, WWG's resident CS:GO expert, joined the show to talk about what early exits from the group stages at IEM Katowice mean for Cloud9 and SK Gaming and what needs to be done to Swedish CS:GO teams.