The Checkpoint - Team Liquid LoL Makes Major Roster Moves, Nintendo Switch's Impact on Esports

by Kevin Knocke

Today on The Checkpoint, the daily esports show on that airs each weekday at 2:00 pm ET/11:00 am PT:

  • The League of Legends LCK saw the continued success of the afreeca Freecs as they took out Samsung Galaxy 2-1, finally advancing to a winning record for the first time so far this split. ROX Tigers took out Kongdoo Monster 2-1 as well, with the latter falling to 1-10 on the season. ROX picks up a much needed win to help them stay competitive this season.
  • The Overwatch Carbon Series had surprisingly close matches for how lopsided the game scores ended up. Luminosity Gaming Evil continues to roll as they took out compLexity Gaming 3-0. However, the teams tied on one of the maps and most maps were pushed to a close, competitive end.

    Renegades is now comfortably in second place in the league as they defeated Team Liquid 3-1. Liquid falls to 1-5 on the season while the Renegades move to 4-1.
  • In the ESL Pro League, No. 14 G2 Esports on the WWG CS:GO Team Rankings split their set 1-1 against a very strong as of late No. 18 Heroic. No. 10 Fnatic defeated LDLC 2-0 to close out the EU games yesterday.

    On the NA side, NRG Esports defeated Winterfox 2-0 while No. 12 Cloud9 split their set against No. 9 Immortals.
  • News for the day centered around the huge roster moves for Team Liquid's LoL team. After the announcement that Piglet would be moving to midlane, replacing Goldenglue, YungBiin moved into the ADC role temporarily. However, it was announced that Liquid is signing Doublelift for the rest of the split from Team SoloMid to take over the ADC role.

    Doublelift of course has been taking a split off while Wildturtle is taking the reins at ADC for TSM in the meantime. It's been widely speculated, though, that this move is basically a warmup for Doublelift, so to speak, to prepare him for TSM's Summer Split run while giving Liquid a much better chance at avoiding relegation. This has sparked many to openly question the ethics of such a move.

    Liquid also announced that they will be signing Adrian, former support player for Phoenix1, to the team. Adrian was openly hostile, it appeared, towards the team and specifically jungler Inori recently when he made comments about what it was like playing with substitute Meteos. It was announced that Matt will still be the starter for the weekend, but it remains to be seen how long that will last.
  • Investment site has recommended shorting Activision Blizzard stock, suggesting that declines in core franchises like Call of Duty are being glossed over by other titles and company growth and argues there is much more risk for the company than is acknowledged.

Matthew Hayes of WWG joins the show to talk about the Nintendo Switch's release, specifically in regards to the new hardware's possible impact on the esports scene.