Hearthstone Global Games: Vote to See Who Represents Our Country, Get a Free Card Pack

by Matthew Hayes

(Photo: Blizzard)

Hearthstone Global Games are around the corner, and this competition is worldwide. There's always a a dash of luck involved in any game of Hearthstone but if you've ever attempted to play competitively you know that deck management (and building) is a skill that, once honed, separates the casual players from the truly talented. In the Hearthstone Global Games, the most talented players from all over the world come together to see who really is the best (or perhaps the luckiest).

"The Hearthstone Global Games celebrates your nation’s local heroes as they play to represent your country and earn their share of over $300,000 USD. The inaugural Hearthstone Global Games will feature teams from 48 different countries who will duke it out online in the international tavern to determine who makes it to the face-off at the live event finals later this year."

It's perhaps the most prestigious Hearthstone tournament there is, if for no other reason than its scope. To compete for your home country is a great honor, especially if you can bring home the bacon. Not only will this be exciting to watch, but Blizzard has offered us a way to get involved ourselves. Not by playing - we'd get destroyed - but by voting for who we want to represent our country in the competition.

If you'd like to participate, you can click this link to see Team USA's roster. There you can hover your mouse over your favorite player to see a short message, and then vote for whoever you think will best represent our country. Three participants in total will go on to compete in the Hearthstone Global Games. While three will eventually compete, you can only vote for one.

Make sure when you go to vote that you sign into your Blizzard account! By voting, you'll unlock a special reward. The next time you log into Hearthstone after voting, you'll be entitled to one free Whispers of the Old Gods card pack, so go at least cast your vote for some free cards! You only have a limited time. Voting will conclude at midnight PDT on March 14. The Global Games will kick off next month, and Blizzard will be releasing more specific details on the competition soon, so stay tuned.

By Matthew Hayes

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