Doublelift Possibly Looking to Return to TSM in Summer

by James Bates

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The Doublelift Saga looks like it might continue to be topical into the next season, as Steve Arhancet, the owner of Team Liquid, dropped some details during an interview with that leaves Team Liquid's future unsure. The team only just announced that they were signing Doublelift earlier this week, and the move has already been heralded as one of the most unexpected roster moves in the history of the NA LCS, as the move cements Team Liquid's' earlier decision to move Piglet to the mid lane, a move that has had extremely mixed success thus far.

"Once we worked out terms, Doublelift was very clear he was only willing to sign with us for the remainder of the split," Steve said during his interview.  "Anything more was a deal-breaker for him."

And with that statement, the Team Liquid roster shuffle suddenly seems more like a permanent affair than a one-time event. While no one really thought that Piglet going to the mid lane would be a permanent arrangement -- at least no one outside of Team Liquid, at least -- it was suspected that it may end up playing out that way if Doublelift established himself during Spring. Now that seems to specifically not be the case, and it will be quite interesting to see what Team Liquid's plans during the offseason are. While we already know that they plan to start Adrian come Summer Split, that still doesn't answer whether Team Liquid will look to field a new mid laner during the summer split, or keep Piglet in his new lane and instead field a new ADC.

The bigger question for Doublelift's fans, however, is what this means for the popular player's future. Doublelift's retirement was always meant to be a hiatus, not a permanent break from the professional scene, and TSM has been vocal about the fact that he would be trying out for his old spot on the roster at the beginning of the Summer Split. The announcement of his move to Team Liquid was mostly so controversial as it was largely assumed that it meant he wouldn't be returning to TSM in the summer, but this statement seems to imply exactly the opposite. The most obvious reason for Doublelift to only want to play for a single split is that he's already eyeing WildTurtle's spot on TSM, and it looking forward to the day he can rejoin North America's most popular team.

Of course, this is merely popular conjecture at the moment, and may well not come to pass. He may simply wish to return to his tranquil streamer lifestyle where girlfriends and weekends are both permitted, unlike his time in the competitive scene. For fans of last year's dominant TSM roster, however, there is hope to be found now, as the possibility is certainly there that Doublelift will return in time for TSM's yearly trip to Worlds.

By James Bates

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