starix Discusses Future After Na'Vi

by Steven Cropley

Sergey "starix" Ischuk took to social media platform to discuss his future now that it has been revealed he will no longer serve as the coach of No. 4 Natus Vincere, an organisation he has been a part of for seven years.

(Photo: starix)

Although it was stated in the announcement that starix's contract with the squad was still intact while future plans were discussed. The post states starix could move forward as a coach with another organization or return to the server in a different role as a player.

starix starts off by saying his post to the social media platform is to clear the air as the situation unfolds. 

"Guys Hello, it's time to highlight the situation and to tell you what does happen. In order to dispel any rumors and unconfirmed information, I will talk about the decisions that are made in the team.'

He then proceeds to go into explaining the situation and why the move was made.

"As you know, with Natus Vincere, a team in which I am now in its seventh year, we have experienced many ups and downs, and the championship and were unfortunate defeat. But unfortunately, at the moment there is a decline, due to which we show disappointing results," starix said. "we decided that we do not show progress, and it's time to change something. Thus, it was decided that I give in place of the coach to our analyst."

In reflection, the former coach talks about how perhaps he gave all he had to offer and it just wasn't enough and new blood is needed.

"Maybe I gave the team the best I could possibly see Na'Vi team coach in another form, perhaps a new look will help them achieve the best results, and it's time to give way to young."

Currently starix is relaxing while he figures out future plans but takes the team to thank those who have supported him.

"At the moment I'm on vacation in which I determine what I want to do further.
In general, about the plans: they are varied and numerous. I'm going to play again, try to start the stream, I will communicate with different people and is willing to all offers. Also, I do not rule out the possibility to stay a coach, or create a new organization from scratch.

Many thanks to the guys who support me, I read every message and every your comment, I'm really grateful to you. So it is time to move on.

So who knows, maybe it is now it is the time ... :)"