Call of Duty: CWL Dallas Day One Stream Schedule Revealed

by Steven Cropley

With Call of Duty World League set to kick off on Friday, Major League Gaming has revealed the stream schedule for Friday's matchups.

(Photo: Turtle Beach)

Dallas will be similar to previous MLG events in that it boasts a $200,000 prize pool as an international event taking place in the United States. The event will feature up to 176 teams competing at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Dallas, Texas and play an important role in deciding which organizations will be represented in the upcoming Pro League for Call of Duty World League.

(Photo: MLG)
(Photo: MLG)

The ESWC reigning champs, OpTic Gaming (Group A) will be in attendance as will its chief rival FaZe Clan (Group C) whom it met in the finals in Paris. Also attending in Pool Play will be eUnited (Group B), a squad that made a name for itself as a legit competitor after going on an undefeated run into the finals at MLG's Call of Duty World League Atlanta event, facing OpTic in the grand finals and taking down the green wall in the second best-of-five to come away victorious and put themselves at the top of the rankings.

The recent CWL Sydney champions Mindfreak have been placed in Pool B. Mindfreak secured the top spot in its region after taking down region rival Tainted minds (Group A).

CWL Dallas Pools:

Pool A

  • USA OpTic Gaming (Crimsix, Formal, Karma, Scump)
  • USA EnVyUs (JKap, Slasher, John, Apathy)
  • uk flag Red Reserve (Joee, Urban, Seany, Niall)
  • australia Tainted Minds (Nimble, Zeuss, Damage, Denz)

Pool B

  • USA eUnited (SiLLY, Arcitys, Prestinni, Gunless)
  • uk flag Infused (Peatie, Moose, Nolson, MarkyB)
  • USA Cloud9 (Assault, Aches, Ricky, Lacefield)
  • australia Mindfreak (Fighta, Buzzo, Shockz, Excite)

Pool C

  • USA FaZe Clan (Clayster, Enable, ZooMaa, Attach)
  • USA Luminosity (Classic, Slacked, Saints, Octane)
  • uk flag Elevate (Watson, Zed, Reedy, Rated)
  • uk flag Fnatic (Skrapz, SunnyB, Wuskin, Tommey)

Pool D

  • USA Rise Nation (Aqua, Faccento, FeLonY, Loony)
  • uk flag Splyce (Jurd, Bance, MadCat, Zer0)
  • USA Enigma6 (Kade, MRuiz, General. Proto)
  • USA PNDA (FA5T, Pemby, ProFeezy, Prophet)

Event details:

  • Same format as Atlanta (just different teams starting in Pools)
  • Pool Play will feature 16 teams starting in Pools (9 NA, 5 EU, 2 APAC) Open Bracket will support 160+ teams
  • This event will award 25,000 CWL Pro Points & $200,000
  • Event is open to all Regions (NA, EU, APAC)
  • This event will be the last opportunity for teams to earn CWL Pro Points that determine qualification into Stage 1 of the Pro League
  • The rosters that compete at this event will be the rosters for Stage 1 of the Pro League
  • 4 Pools
  • 4 Open Teams join Pools (1 in each Pool)
  • 5 Teams per Pool
  • Round Open Teams make Pools = Open Bracket Winners Round
  • Top 2 from each Pool into Winners Bracket, Bottom 3 into Losers Bracket.