Call of Duty: Canadian Championship to Follow CWL Dallas

by Steven Cropley

The Cineplex WorldGaming Canadian Championship is right around the corner. Taking place March 26, eight teams from Canada will compete at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto for their slice of the $44,000 prize pool. In addition to the prize money, the winner will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Call of Duty World League 2017 Anaheim Open. Free trip to CWL Anaheim and $20,000? Too bad I'm not Canadian.

COD Canada
(Photo: Cineplex)

All eight teams set to attend earned their way to the event via online qualifiers. Ten online qualifiers took place with alongside local regional qualifiers. From there teams participated in online playoffs to earn one of the eight spots available.

Team list:

  • canada GIRG (Ivy, Gunless, Goonjar, Royalty)
  • canada SetToDestroyX (Holler, Mayhem, Xotic, Beehzy)
  • canada WoatGamers (Myth, Stevey, Swarley, MoTi)
  • canada 1Hype (Shotz, Theanonally, Teddydrosaveltjc, VenomShelly)
  • canada Earthroot Gaming (Klutch, HyZa, RemarKz, Max)
  • canada ReZist Esports (PriztoL, Stylist, WhosPainless, CruXayy)
  • canada Suzy Suz (Smackdown, Sw1tch, NeStTyy, Sacrifice)
  • canada WELP (MannyFnG, GOATunes, Seagulls, haemyy)

The event will follow very closely behind Call of Duty World League Dallas hosted by Major League Gaming which kicks off this Friday, March 17 and runs through March 19. Dallas is the final stop and final chance ahead of the calculation of Pro Points to see who will make the inaugural Call of Duty World League Pro League. Several teams are already guaranteed a spot based on their current accumulated points, however, many are still on the edge of in or out. Dallas will be similar to previous MLG events in that it boasts a $200,000 prize pool as an international event taking place in the United States. The event will feature up to 176 teams competing at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Dallas, Texas and play an important role in deciding which organisations will be represented in the upcoming Pro League for Call of Duty World League.

Key details for CWL Dallas:

  • Same format as Atlanta (just different teams starting in Pools)
  • Pool Play will feature 16 teams starting in Pools (9 NA, 5 EU, 2 APAC) Open Bracket will support 160+ teams
  • This event will award 25,000 CWL Pro Points & $200,000
  • Event is open to all Regions (NA, EU, APAC)
  • This event will be the last opportunity for teams to earn CWL Pro Points that determine qualification into Stage 1 of the Pro League
  • The rosters that compete at this event will be the rosters for Stage 1 of the Pro League
  • 4 Pools
  • 4 Open Teams join Pools (1 in each Pool)
  • 5 Teams per Pool
  • Round Open Teams make Pools = Open Bracket Winners Round
  • Top 2 from each Pool into Winners Bracket, Bottom 3 into Losers Bracket.