Doublelift Hilariously Dies to Red Buff in the Jungle

by Matt Best

TeamLiquid Doublelift
(Photo: lolesports)

The League of Legends jungle is a tricky place. If you're a newcomer to the game, you most likely know one thing about the jungle. It has NPC's that you kill as the jungler to gain experience. The jungle is a delicate place. When you path through it correctly, you can get a major advantage over the enemies jungler. When you path it incorrectly, you risk falling behind and just looking downright dumb. 

There are many things in League of Legends that can be completely trollable. Allowing the enemy team to execute themselves on towers, failing to secure Baron, missing your skill shots or even just missing last hits. However, there's nothing more embarrassing than dying to jungle creeps. 

One man, one legendary AD carry that many tout as the best in North America has accomplished the embarrassing feat on the LCS stage. Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng, fresh off his streaming stint, has made his return to the LCS, this time as a member of Team Liquid. 

Doublelift has over 1000 regular season kills and has been around the scene since 2011. You would think he knows how to take down the red buff... 

According to James Bates, WWG's League of Legends Analyst and Writer, Doublelift had no business being near that red buff. "I don't even die to red buff. I'm also smart enough to not try to do red buff while at 20% and out of mana on spellcasting ADC, much less when I'll waste half the duration recalling anyways. Not sure what he was trying to do here, but it obviously didn't work."

Maybe it's just a bit of rust for Doublelift. Maybe he thought he was still streaming and wanted to do something for the fans. Either way, it wasn't a huge deal and it didn't swing the momentum of the game in any direction. It was a moment where fans, and Doublelift himself, could take a step back and relate to what it's like to die to the red buff. 

Don't lie. We've all died to creeps in the jungle before.

By Matt Best

Matt Best is the Lead On Air Host and Producer for WWG. He has spent his professional career submerged in both the traditional sports world as well as esports. As one of the only Canadians at WWG, if you want to tilt Matt, just bring up awful Canadian stereotypes.