Learn CSGO from the Pros on Boomeo, a Site from WME | IMG

by Steven Cropley

Are you excited? You should be if you're a Counter-Strike player looking to reach the next level because the door just got a lot wider.

WME | IMG has launched its latest venture into the realm of esports, Boomeo.

(Photo: Boomeo)

The new project has gone live today with the goal of being the go-to site for improving in Valve's popular first-person Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The web-platform seeks to bring in any and all Counter-Strike players who wish to hone their skills by offering various outlets to achieve these goals.

The platform has already brought in some of the best teams in Counter-Strike to help build the legitimacy and reach. Professional players will be a focal point of the content, providing in-depth analysis of plays and various how-tos such as grenade throws and site holding techniques.

Boomeo will allow any member of its community access to its deathmatch, retake, and duel servers which serve as a practice range specifically targeted at the skills needed to take your game to the next level.

Boomeo is currently partnered with Cloud9, compLexity, Counter Logic Gaming, G2 Esports, and SK Gaming. SK, Cloud9, and G2 all hold spots in our WWG CSGO Team Rankings at No. 3, 10, 15 respectively, showcasing the level of play that Boomeo is looking to bring in.

In the announcement, Boomeo explains there is more to come with in-depth statistics, social features, and even more professionals uniting under its umbrella.

What Boomeo offers and will offer in the future according to its launch announcement:


  • Free Content: Featured guides, gear reviews & Daily Pulse Updates
  • Free Gameplay: Enjoy Deathmatch, Retakes & Duels (Dust2 only)
  • Premium Gameplay: Reserved slots & all Duels maps
  • Premium Tutorials: Cache, Mirage, Dust2, Overpass, Fundamentals & Health/Wellness guides from IMG Academy
  • Coming: Deep statistics & insights
  • Coming: More maps, more mods
  • Coming: More content & more pros
  • Coming: Social & community features, grouping and more

Courtesy of Boomeo.com:

What is Boomeo?

Boomeo is a website dedicated to helping you become a better Counter-Strike player. We provide content from the world’s top pros, as well as custom gameplay to help you train and warm up.

Our content drills down to each specific player’s POV – so you don’t need to watch a 25 minute video just find the info you really want. Don’t waste time looking for the right video, with our video selector tool! Simple select the map, the pro, side and situation and we will serve you the tutorial you are looking for.

Our gameplay gives you all the modes you know and love like Deathmatch and Retakes – but we’ve also created what we think is the best warmup and training tool – Duels. Real fights on real maps, fast….like, really really fast.

No need to search using a server list. Our Server Discovery Tool will find an open server, that is geared up to give you the best performance and connect you with just 2 clicks.

We’re partnering up with a bunch of awesome sites, teams, streamers, players and products to bring you a ton of content, features, stats, prizes, bundles, discounts and more, so stay tuned!