eUnited SiLLY: "After winning once, all we want to do is win again"

by Steven Cropley

WWG caught up with Justin "SiLLY" Fargo-Palmer ahead of his team's matches in Dallas, Texas. SiLLY's squad eUnited will be competing in the Call of Duty World League event put on by Major League Gaming (MLG) at the Fort Worth Convention Center from March 17 to 19.

MLG eUnited COD
(Photo: MLG)

eUnited took home the last MLG event with a miraculous run in Atlanta. The team went into MLG Atlanta being doubted and even so far as being called "onliners." The squad showed it was far from that when dismantling World Champion Team EnVyUS on multiple occasions while also defeating the highly touted FaZe Clan and OpTic Gaming lineups.

A follow-up event in Paris for ESWC would not prove to be the solidifying performance it was hoped to be. Due to the closeness of the events, pools were set prior to eUniteds victory which landed the team in the open bracket where it would fall.

WWG: So the last time we spoke was at MLG Atlanta where you guys went on your undefeated run all the way through to the grand finals where you faced OpTic and won in the second best-of-five series. Reflecting on that, how did it feel? What did it do for your team in terms of mentality and dedication?

SiLLY: Winning the event and that second best of 5 vs optic just made us hungrier and more dedicated to the game. After winning once, all we want to do is win again.

WWG: From that event you guys shot up to the top of the North American standings in the Call of Duty World League, basically guaranteeing your spot in the first season of the Pro League. Although your team is not still number one in the standings, you will be in that first season. Does it take a weight off your shoulders going into Dallas knowing you reached that goal?

SiLLY: Being in the pro league means absolutely everything for a call of duty player. Us being guaranteed a spot takes a huge weight off of our shoulders. Glad we can just focus on this specific event and not our pro points as a whole.

WWG: In that event, you told me you thought FaZe was the best team there, and after beating them you were ready for anyone. Do you feel FaZe is still the best team going into Dallas or is it another?

SiLLY: I definitely think faze is a top 3 team. They're one of three teams I believe can take this event. It really just comes down to who shows up that weekend.

WWG: You guys had a rough go in the follow-up event to Atlanta, not making it out of the Open Bracket in Paris at ESWC. Was that a hard pill to swallow, going from champions and beating OpTic, FaZe, and EnVyUs to dropping out in bracket play?

SiLLY: It was definitely a tough pill to swallow, I don't want to make excuses for the event, but I can assure you that won't happen again.

WWG: Lastly, what defines a good or a bad event here in Dallas?

SiLLY: An ideal "good event" would be winning it. But I believe there's no reason we should get less than t4. Anything worse we wouldn't be happy with.