FaZe's Call of Duty Player Attach Tells Us What He Wants in the next Iteration

by Steven Cropley

FaZe Clan's Dillon "Attach" Price took a moment at Call of Duty World League Dallas to take part in a question and answer session with WWG. The youngest player to ever win Call of Duty World Championship, Attach was only 18 years old when he was crowned. Attach played his first ever Call of Duty event in 2013 at MLG Anaheim, placing 29th. The player has come a long way and now competes on one of the best teams in the world in FaZe Clan.

MLG Faze
(Photo: MLG)

In a quick fire style series of questions Attach was asked 14 different questions varying in topic found below:

Q1: What were you known for in high school?

Attach: Friend that always says he's sick on the weekends. Can’t hang out with friends, just playin call of duty.

Q2: What is something your fans or even your teammates don't know about you?

Attach: I have a double jointed thumb

Q3: What is your favorite version of Call of Duty?

Attach: Modern Warfare 2

Q4: What is your favorite map of all time?

Attach: Raid from Black Ops 2

Q5: What is your favorite game outside of Call of Duty?

Attach: Last of Us

Q6: What is your most memorable moment in Call of Duty?

Attach: Winning World Champs 2015

Q7: Is your biggest supporter your mom or dad?

Attach: Mom from the start, it's even now

Q8: What team or player did you look up to before you went pro?

Attach: Fear & EnVyUs

Q9: What is your biggest weakness as a player?

Attach: Communication

Q10: What is your favorite game type in Call of Duty?

Attach: Hardpoint

Q11: DC or Marvel?

Attach: Marvel

Q12: What is one feature you want to keep/add/bring back in the next Call of Duty?

Attach: Boots on the ground, take out specialists and wall runs

Q13: If you could play with any one other player who is not on your team, who would it be?

Attach: Replays but not the sniper.

Q14: Favorite season of the year?

Attach: I love all seasons, I don’t discriminate

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