Opinion: Esports Fans Have a Better Chance of Being Multi-Game Fans Than Traditional Sports Fans

by Kevin Knocke

Sports fans are notoriously finicky about the games they like. Most are fans of one-game only.

Those that branch out just happen to watch whatever sports their local markets are involved in and often because of the way sports teams are branded, many aren't aware that the ownership group over their beloved team often owns teams from other sports and locales as well.

However, you'd be hard pressed to find fans of ownership groups. People are fans of their individual teams.

In the world of esports, though, teams actually work much like ownership groups. With very few exceptions, most major esports brands are multi-game organizations. While of course some of those teams specialize in one game or another, they are explicitly understood to be participating in a lot of games at once.

It would be as if my beloved St. Louis Cardinals of the MLB decided to go, "You know what? We have a basketball, lacrosse, and NASCAR team now."

And if the Cardinals really pushed for that, yeah, I'd probably watch some of their teams elsewhere too.

(But not NASCAR. Never, ever, never NASCAR.)

It's already really common to hear esports fans talk about supporting certain brands in any game, like, "Oh, I tend to support Echo Fox in whatever game I watch that they participate in," or, "Well, I'm a CLG fan through and through, and even though their CS:GO team isn't doing great I'll still pull for them."

Now, the average esports fan right now is generally a much more hardcore fan of their sport than the average fan of a massive traditional sport, so it's reasonable to assume that they might be more inclined to watch other games or naturally consume more content in other esports anyway.

However, the effect of brands entering multiple games is really important and a key differentiator between esports and traditional sports. Even though esports teams themselves are being bought up by the same faceless sports ownership groups discussed earlier, the fact the brand exists in multiple games is already important enough.

This is officially a long term prediction that esports fans will be more likely to be multi-game fans than traditional sports fans, even when esports has as many casual fans as sports do.

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