OpTic's Call of Duty Star Scump Tells Us Which Player He Wants to Play with Most and More!

by Steven Cropley

WWG caught up with OpTic Gaming Call of Duty star, Seth "Scump "Abner in Dallas, Texas at the Call of Duty World League event to answer 14 quick fire questions in the hopes of providing fans with some fun information about the player.

(Photo: @OpTicIntel / Redbull)

OpTic is coming off of a first-place finish at ESWC Paris following a finals appearance the week prior in Atlanta at the Major League Gaming event for Call of Duty World League.

Scump was born on June 30, 1995, and has played with OpTic since 2015, having played with the organization prior to this latest run before moving away in 2013-2014 season. He is a two-time MLG X-games gold medalist. Graduating high school in 2013, the player with 1.48 million Twitter followers elected to pursue his competitive gaming career over attending college.

In a quick fire style series of questions Scump was asked 14 different questions varying in topic found below:

Q1: What were you known for in high school?

Scump: Class Clown

Q2: What is something your fans or even your teammates don't know about you?

Scump: They know everything

Q3: What is your favorite version of Call of Duty?

Scump: Modern Warfare 2

Q4: What is your favorite map of all time?

Scump: Terminal

Q5: What is your favorite game outside of Call of Duty?

Scump: H1Z1

Q6: What is your most memorable moment in Call of Duty?

Scump: Winning X Games (first one)

Q7: Is your biggest supporter your mom or dad?

Scump: Both

Q8: What team or player did you look up to before you went pro?

Scump: Rambo

Q9: What is your biggest weakness as a player?

Scump: Listening

Q10: What is your favorite game type in Call of Duty?

Scump: Hardpoint

Q11: DC or Marvel?

Scump: Marvel

Q12: What is one feature you want to keep/add/bring back in the next Call of Duty?

Scump: Boots on the ground

Q13: If you could play with any one other player who is not on your team, who would it be?

Scump: JKap

Q14: Favorite season of the year?

Scump: Summer

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