eRa Eternity COO Talks About Jump into Competitive CoD and Teams Run in Dallas

by Steven Cropley

After eRa Eternity made its shocking run through the Open Bracket and secure a spot in Pool D, the Chief Operating Officer of the organization Jordan Daley talked to WWG about picking up the squad, its performance, and future.

eRa enternity
(Photo: eRa Eternity)

eRa picked up a brand new squad, making its way into competitive Call of Duty earlier this month.

eRa Eternity Call of Duty roster:

  • Caton “Riviction” Dell
  • Jorge “Nuglect” Aguilar
  • Zack “Godlike” Goldstein
  • Lyric “Lyric” Quinonez

The latter two separated with The Gosu Crew just days before signing on with eRa, a great result for such a last minute roster.

WWG: You guys just made the move into competitive Call of Duty early this month with the signing of a team. What made you guys make the decision to bring esports into your arsenal?

JD: Well myself and the CEO Alex Arteaga have gone into esports together before under Most Wanted. We wanted to bring another division to the entertainment side of eRa Eternity and cod esports felt like the perfect way to start it.

WWGNow making that step, how did you decide to form this squad? I mean you couldn't have known you'd get these four players as two of them were a part of other teams just days prior.

JDAbsolutely not. Haha, riviction and nuglect are two players that I had the honor of meeting in Santa Ana while traveling with Phil "Phizzurp" Klemenov. I knew of their snd success well prior to this year of call of duty.

WWGSo when you saw Lyric and GodLike part ways with The Gosu Crew, was it like the stars aligned for you guys or how did you feel about your options for who you would bring into join Riviction and Nuglect?

JDThey played together prior and they came to us with the team and it was a no brainer at that point.

WWG: Even though these were some known players, did you expect this squad to come out of the open bracket? I would say most people are quite surprised to see these guys making Pool Play.

JD: We honestly knew they'd make it out.

WWG: Can you elaborate on why? What made you guys have so much faith?

JD: When I met them with phil they placed 3rd at a LAN in Santa Ana. that's the main reason.

WWG: Is this a team you guys see sticking together and onboard with eRa Eternity in the future?

JD: Absolutely they're all good friends of mine and they love the grind.

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