MRuiz of Enigma6 Call of Duty Says His Biggest Weakness Is Communication

by Steven Cropley

Mike "MRuiz" Ruiz of Enigma6 Call of Duty talked with WWG on day one of Call of Duty World League's Dallas event hosted by Major League Gaming.

A long-time member of Enigma6, MRuiz has been an active member of the competitive Call of Duty scene for years. The player left the organization in June 2015 despite taking down top levels teams during his time there. The time away was less than a year as in March of 2016 MRuiz and the two teammates who left with him would return to the roster.

Enigma6 MRUIZ
(Photo: Enigma6)

Enigma6 has secured a spot in the championship bracket after taking down eRa Eternity 3-0 on day two.

In a quick fire style series of questions MRuiz was asked 14 different questions varying in topic found below:

Q1: What were you known for in high school?

MRuizThe gamer

Q2: What is something your fans or even your teammates don't know about you?

MRuizI have red hairs on my chin

Q3: What is your favorite version of Call of Duty?

MRuiz: Modern Warfare 3

Q4: What is your favorite map of all time?

MRuiz: Carbon

Q5: What is your favorite game outside of Call of Duty?

MRuizMortal Kombat

Q6: What is your most memorable moment in Call of Duty?

MRuiz: Placing third at UMG California

Q7: Is your biggest supporter your mom or dad?


Q8: What team or player did you look up to before you went pro?


Q9: What is your biggest weakness as a player?

MRuiz: Communication

Q10: What is your favorite game type in Call of Duty?

MRuiz: Hardpoint

Q11: DC or Marvel?

MRuiz: Marvel

Q12: What is one feature you want to keep/add/bring back in the next Call of Duty?

MRuiz: Dolphin Diving

Q13: If you could play with any one other player who is not on your team, who would it be?

MRuiz: Formal

Q14: Favorite season of the year?


Keep your eyes on as we continue to bring you player profiles from your favorite Call of Duty professionals live from Fort Worth, Texas for CWL Dallas.

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