GSL Code S Finals Now Set, soO and Stats Clean Up in Semifinals

by Kevin Knocke

The GSL Code S semifinals for 2017 Season 1 have finished up, with Zerg player soO and Protoss player Stats set to meet up in the finals of the most competitive Starcraft II league in the world. 

In the first semifinal earlier in the week, soO met up against Protoss player sOs. Other than deciding who could use the least letters in a name to confuse people the most, soO defended his early advantage in the set to close out the games 4-2. 

Then last night, Stats took out Terran player Ryung, a veteran player in the scene that's been competing in SC2 for almost the entire duration of the game. It was a close set, however, with Ryung taking 2 games before being closed out 4-2.

It was a sad but not unexpected result for Ryung who has been on an incredible run just getting to the semifinals in the first place. He upset major players along the way, including a 3-1 Terran vs Terran win against Maru in the quarterfinals.

Stats now moves on to take on soO in the finals in what should be an exciting Protoss vs Zerg matchup. The finals take place on March 26th with over $35,000 going to first place along with 4,000 WCS Korea points. 

Second place will receive over $12,000 and 2,800 WCS Korea points.

soO is currently 2-0 against Protoss players this GSL season, while Stats, of course, is 2-0 against Zerg players.

For soO, this finals is especially interesting. In late 2013-2014, soO made 4 consecutive GSL Finals appearances, but up to this point finished second in every one. Now 3 years later he has a chance to prove himself once again.

Stats, meanwhile, has never made a GSL Code S finals appearance, but has several notable finishes under his belt, including a  3rd place finish in the WCS SC2 global championship and 2nd place at the recent IEM Katowice World Championships. He also currently leads the WCS Korea points race for the year end global championships. 

At IEM, the last time these two met up offline, Stats took the set 2-0. However, last week they met in an online event and soO ended up coming out on top 2-0.