OpTic Gaming Call of Duty Win CWL Dallas

by Steven Cropley

MLG Dallas OpTIc
(Photo: MLG)

In a reverse rematch of the Call of Duty World League Atlanta Grand Finals hosted by Major League Gaming, OpTic Gaming and eUnited battled it out to the very end once again.

OpTic took the lead early in the series with a 2-0 start, however eUnited would not fold. Alec "Arcitys" Sanderson's squad would maintain its composure, bouncing back for the final three maps and creating a crack in the green wall.

Kicking off the second best-of-five of the Grand Finals, once again it would be OpTic coming out strong with another 2-0 start. As if a perfect mirror, eUnited would manage to win Uplink on map three in overtime before following it up with a strong performance on Hardpoint for map four. The fifth and final map of the series would be Search and Destroy on Scorch. OpTic came out swinging, taking 6 in a row to route eUnited and take the Grand Finals.

OpTIc CWL Dallas
(Photo: PlayStation/CWL)

OpTic had not lost a match in Dallas, stomping FaZe 3-0 in the winner's bracket finals to secure its spot in the Grand Finals where it would await the winner between FaZe and eUnited. eUnited fell earlier to Team Kaliber and FaZe. A 3-0 over the Europeans of Splyce was surprising and landed the North American squad in its second FaZe matchup. eUnited bounced back for the win against FaZe with a strong performance during the losers bracket finals, propelling them into the rematch that would turn out of be one of the best matches in Call of Duty history.

Dallas is similar to previous MLG events in that it boasts a $200,000 prize pool as an international event taking place in the United States. The event featured up to 176 teams competing at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Dallas, Texas and has played an important role in deciding which organizations will be represented in the upcoming Pro League for Call of Duty World League.

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