OpTic Call of Duty Star FormaL Is a Diamond Level ADC in League of Legends

by Steven Cropley

Ahead of his team's hard-fought first place finish at the Call of Duty World League Dallas event hosted by Major League GamingMatthew "FormaL" Piper talked to WWG about a number of topics.

(Photo: MLG)

FormaL began is professional gaming career in another hit console title, Halo. After achieving success in the Halo franchise, the veteran moved to Call of Duty where he found success much quicker than many others do when joining the scene. He placed 17th with Primal in 2013 at MLG Columbus and things would only go up from there. He has played alongside the best to ever touch the game and represented organizations to include OpTic, FeaR, Team Kaliber, and EnVyUs among others. His reign continues with the green wall, being a finalist in three while winning two of the last three events.

In a quick fire style series of questions Formal was asked 14 different questions varying in topic found below:

Q1: What were you known for in high school?

FormaL: Best hair

Q2: What is something your fans or even your teammates don't know about you?

FormaL: I’m a diamond level ADC in League of Legends

Q3: What is your favorite version of Call of Duty?


Q4: What is your favorite map of all time?

FormaL: Retreat

Q5: What is your favorite game outside of Call of Duty?

FormaL: Halo

Q6: What is your most memorable moment in Call of Duty?

FormaL: Comeback against PNDA, losers bracket run

Q7: Is your biggest supporter your mom or dad?

FormaLLissa, biggest supporter by far

Q8: What team or player did you look up to before you went pro?

FormaL: Neighbor

Q9: What is your biggest weakness as a player?

FormaL: Not knowing when to slow down if I’m playing too fast

Q10: What is your favorite game type in Call of Duty?


Q11: DC or Marvel?

FormaL: Marvel

Q12: What is one feature you want to keep/add/bring back in the next Call of Duty?

FormaL: Don’t want jetpacks. Boots on the ground.

Q13: If you could play with any one other player who is not on your team, who would it be?


Q14: Favorite season of the year?

FormaL: Christmas season

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