The Checkpoint - Schalke Leaving the EU Challenger Series?

by Kevin Knocke

Today on The Checkpoint, the daily esports show on that airs each weekday at 2:00 pm ET/11:00 am PT:

  • The EU side of the CS:GO ESL Pro League heated up with No. 9 Ninjas in Pyjamas in the WWG CS:GO Team Rankings taking a much needed win over No. 23 LDLC 2-0. No. 6 Fnatic split their set against No. 11 Team EnVyUs, with Happy missing a couple of wide open AWP shots during the set.

    On the NA side, Counter Logic Gaming defeated No. 19 Team Liquid 2-0 in the midst of Liquid's continuing roster shakeups. No. 15 Cloud9 dispatched of compLexity Gaming 2-0 as well.
  • The League of Legends LCK got even more interesting in regards to the relegation picture with Jin Air Green Wings defeating Kongdoo Monster 2-1 and the afreeca Freecs taking out the bbq OLIVERS 2-1. This puts the Green Wings and OLIVERS just one game of each other in the relegation spots in the LCK.

    The very last game of the entire LCK Spring Split is actually a matchup of these two teams, so it may become a match to decide the team that has to fight through relegation.
  • Schalke 04, the major sports team that bought into esports with an EU LCS spot last year but was promptly relegated their first split, may be considering selling their EU Challenger Series spot. This season, the team went though an undefeated regular season with 10 straight victories.

    However, after a much stronger than expected Misfits Academy took them out in the playoffs, Schalke finds itself once again competing through the Challenger Series next split. Midlaner Selfie tweeted the following: "Hello everyone,I [sic] am still under contract with @s04 ,but I am allowed to entertain offers for next split."
  • Epicenter has announced a new $500,000 Dota 2 event in Moscow from Jun. 4-11 at the VTB Ice Palace in Moscow, Russia. Only two months before The International, this will serve as a major testing grounds for Dota 2's largest annual event.
  • While Ad Finem's former Dota 2 roster has not yet been signed, their support staff has, as PENTA Esports picked up the staff from the former Dota 2 squad while picking up the players of GOING IN to form the core of their new team.
  • Team Liquid's CS:GO player Pimp has left the team. It's unknown where he will be heading, but lately reports had suggested that Stanislaw was looking to change up the roster after joining the team.

Mounira "GooseBreeder" Dobie joins The Checkpoint to talk about life on a new team like Team Dignitas, how esports can expand its base of competitors, and the state of CS:GO right now.